Google's information architecture?

I love Google and use many of their products/services (Gmail, Reader, Blogger, Docs and Spreadsheets, Alerts, Maps, Desktop, Picasa, etc.). These tools compete directly with products as Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.
Although Google products are free and can also be used in enterprises, I haven't heard of many companies dumping Microsoft and using free web 2.0 stuff (from Google a.o.) from then on.
Anyway, I was wondering what Google's information architecture looks like. Of course reports, memo's, minutes, etc. are written at Google. Where do they store them? How do they share and distribute them? Do they have policies where Google employees should save their (draft) documents and which tools they should use to produce information? Do they have a knowledge manager or information architect? And how does he/she work?

I sent these questions to Google and hope to get some answers that I can share with you. I think it would be neat to know how they do it and why. Possibly inspiring too!



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