Taglocity for Files?

I forgot to post an idea on how Taglocity could become even more useful (for me). It would be nice to be able to tag/label files too (straight from Outlook and in Explorer). I know Vista supports tagging of files (I use Vista at home and XP at work), but I don't find the tagging very easy and user-friendly. Is Taglocity thinking of moving in this direction?

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  1. Hi,

    I work at Taglocity so can answer this one. We are considering this but have some other areas to get to as well (we get a lot of requests, which is good). Integrations with OneNote, Twitter, Sharepoint and even Microsoft Project has been suggested.

    One down-side to Files Tagging / Windows Shell integration (required for nicer tagging on files) is that it's a (ironically) quite Microsoft .NET 'unfriendly' area, which for us would slow down the dev time (or at least not allow us to easily reuse parts we have already).

    Thanks for using Taglocity Samuel, we appreciate the feedback.


    David Ing
    Vancouver, BC

  2. Thanks for the explanation David! Good to hear from you and hear about some of your plans. Good luck, really curious what your next move will be.

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