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The Future of Enterprise Content Management

John Newton (co-founder of Documentum and Alfresco ) has an interesting post on 'The future of Enterprise Content Management' . This guy knows a lot about ECM and I find him a thought-leader in this area. Here's some of what he had to say in his long, but very interesting post: My guess as to what will happen to the ECM market is: SAP will buy an ECM vendor further filling out one of the prime stacks in Geoff’s Stack Wars OpenText continues to look for a buyer. Could they hook up with SAP after being jilted by Oracle? OpenText ’s iXOS acquisition makes this an attractive pairing. Vignette, partnering with companies like Microsoft, are testing the waters for a possible acquisition Interwoven is testing a niche play by retreating into Marketing applications, but may still opt for being acquired. EMC could do worse than to acquire Interwoven. They could also help Microsoft. The remaining players (other than Alfresco) will retreat into niche areas either around vertica


Just recently HBR IdeaCast had a cool interview with Don Tapscott . He's one of the authors of Wikinomics . How mass collaboration changes everything . I just ordered the book. Tapscott has some interesting remarks. I'll give you a few snippets: "You have four big factors coming together at this unique time in economics and in human history: 1. the new web, ... the old web was a publishing platform ... The new web is based on XML and it's creating a giant global computer that everyone programs whenever they use it. So this is creating a platform for self-organisation. 2. Second factor, there's a demographic revolution. The children of the baby boom are the first generation grown up bathed in bits. These kids are different, they process information differently, they think and behave differently. And they are now the biggest generation in the workforce and in the marketplace, they're coming into the workforce and the marketplace. Put those two together and you