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Where’s your trend periscope?

It’s a priveledge to work with many different people and organisations. One reason why organizations work with us is to bring “external reference” to the table. So they want us to share with them what others are doing and what the trends are in the market. I enjoy this role. I find it very important to stay in touch with what’s going on in my area of work (and even the broader context of my work). And sharing our insights is a way to stay in touch. There are others different ways to do this as well: talk to people from other companies visit conferences read books read trend and research reports read newspapers read news and updates on the web work for many different organizations etc. The good thing about today is that there are many tools to help you keep your “trend periscope” up. For instance, I use Feedly for RSS feeds, Pocket for storing and reading online articles and getting recommendations for this to read from followers, Twitter - still one of the best platforms for trend watc

Intriguing intranet technology trends

There’s quite a bit going on in the intranet technology landscape. Three trends I’m seeing are: Many “out of the box” intranetplatforms are popping up Organizations are using combinations of platforms to fullfill employee needs Organisations are outsourcing functional and technical maintenance, and hosting Standard intranet solutions I don’t where you live but where I live, in the Netherlands, many standard intranet solutions are popping up. This is understandable if you see how many intranets, that have been developed on cms’s, have failed. Many are so sick and tired of the failed intranet projects that they flee to intranet platforms that can be set up quickly and are well-designed. As much as I understand this, I’m also intrigued by it. Over the last 5-10 years almost all companies have left their custom developed intranet (cms) behind and have moved to standard cms’s, like Drupal and SharePoint. Two of the main reasons to do so was the lack of innovation in these tail