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Happy 7th birthday, dear blog, I still love you!

Just yesterday my dear blog turned 7! I thought I'd write a short post to celebrate this and to also share with you that I'll be blogging more this year. Wow, 7 years I ago I started blogging. And I can still feel the lump in my throat after hitting the 'publish' button. I was nervous what everybody was going to the think about me blogging. My bosses, my colleagues and all the people out there. Even after 7 years, it still is a thing to send out my musings via the interwebs. But I must say I've always enjoyed doing it. And I love getting positive and negative comments on the posts. The last years have been busy and blogging has been slow. But I have been blogging, for instance on the Dutch blog Frankwatching . And I hope to start blogging soon on MarketingFacts , another great Dutch blogging platform as well. More blogposts will show up on my own blog as well. So, happy birthday, my dear blog! I still love you and will show you more love this year.