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Work with our hearts

Bumped into this great quote in  an interview with Tom Friedman . Context of the quote is what the future of work is and if robots will take our jobs. Here's the quote: ... we used to work with our hands for many centuries; then we worked with our heads, and now we’re going to have to work with our hearts, because there’s one thing machines can not, do not, and never will have, and that’s a heart. I think we’re going from hands to heads to hearts, which is just another way of saying what you just said: “What are the most human capabilities we can tap into?” This doesn't mean when we worked with our hands and heads, we didn't work with our heart. We did. But now and/or in the future working with our hearts will be the differentiator, that's where humans will distinguish themselves from machines (and robots). And always have and always will. Curious what you think of this quote and if you agree.