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How students use social media

The last 3 years I've had the honor to give a guest lecture to a group of around 30 students. They are in their 2nd year of college. The class they are taking is about ‘consultancy’ and I was asked to share my consultancy experiences in the intranet and enterprise 2.0 field. I really enjoy lecturing for and discussing with them. They hardly have any feeling for working in mid-sized or larger organizations. They really keep you grounded by their straight-forward approach to projects and problems. This year I used a case from one of my clients, described the case and asked them to ‘solve’ it. How would they address the client’s assignment? I thought it was a lot of fun and we had a lively discussion about it. Trends in social media use But what I wanted to share with you is which social media they use and how they use it. The previous years I also shared these numbers with you . I think it gives an interesting insight into social media usage patterns. The group is quite small

Hope to meet you at our Intranet conference #intra14

As you may know I work for Entopic . We organize several conferences about topics such as intranet, content marketing, Facebook marketing and SharePoint. I’m happy to say these conference are attended by a large number of people and are well received. Recently we published the first version of the program for our next Intranet conference on March 17 and 18. The structure of the conference will be the same as previous editions: 4 keynote by experts in the fields and 3 breakout rounds with talks from practitioners. The main topic of this year’s conference is the digital workplace and the future of work and the organization. I feel privileged to say the following speakers have agreed to speak at the conference: Paul Miller, Sam Marshall, Ross Dawson and Lee Bryant! With respect to the breakouts we have several large and smaller organizations from different areas of business that will share the intranet experience. Some will talk about intranet strategy, others about design a

My blog's 7th birthday!

Just a short post to celebrate my blog's 7th birthday (which was officially yesterday...). 7 years... I must say time flies . I still clearly remember when and why I started blogging . And how scared I was to publish my first post. As mentioned the previous year wasn't my best blogging year and I hope to do better this year. In any way I still enjoy blogging. It's a great thing to me that we have platforms to easily share what we think with each other and that we can interact with anybody in the world who is willing to read what your write. Thanks to you all for following, reading and commenting on my blog!

Reasons to go to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit #e20s

Are you planning to go to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit ? I hope so. It would be great to meet you there. To me the Enterprise 2.0 Summit is the conference about enterprise 2.0 and social business in Europe. It’s the place to be to learn from experts in the field, ask your questions and share your insights. So, I feel honored to be one of the summit's ambassadors this year! I couldn’t make it last year. But I did go to the editions before that . I really enjoyed it. The conference is well-organized, it has great speakers en lots of talks tapping into the practical experience of the speakers. (Here's a blogpost from the conference organizer about the summit.) This year will be extra interesting. Many organizations are just jumping on the social business bandwagon. So it will be interesting to hear from them why they are and how they plan to do it. Furthermore, there are many companies and consultants that have ‘been through it all’. Some are disappointed. Enterprise 2.0 an

Horrible Blogging Year

Oh how I love blogging, but what a horrible blogging year I’ve had… Just 24 posts in 2013 … What happened? Well, I’m happy to say I’ve been very busy. I think 2013 was my busiest year ever. My personal life has been busy. Little David was born in August and my two others boys are growing bigger of course. Furthermore we have plans to move to the middle of Holland, sold are house and are looking for a new one. A lot of time and energy went into my new role at the company I work for, Entopic . It was my first (complete) year as ‘manager Projects’, responsible for the people in Projects, ‘acquisition’ of new assignments and actually working on them. I really enjoyed the previous year, but found it left little time for reflection and slack . On the other hand I learned a lot for the work I did for clients. You should see the draft section of my blog: many one or two line draft posts about topics I’d like to share my perspective on. Topics like: intranet strategy, intranet des