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Coffee = Knowledge

The Novay Future Workspace s project recently had a project day. The results are being shared on their blog . One interesting post, with great visuals by Jam !, was about 'breaks' . Yep, the breaks we take or need to take at work and the usefulness of a break. Let's not forget: Coffee = Knowledge! --- If You Read This and Like It, Tweet This to your Followers: Coffee = Knowledge Tags van Technorati: productivity , knowledge sharing

Collecting Ideas Mass-Collaboration Style

Did you see the way people are trying to improve MS Outlook? The website 'Outlook's broken - let's fix it' is a protest site against the proposals for a future version of Outlook. But it's also a way to share and collect ideas about what Outlook should look like in the future. This is a great example of collecting ideas for future product development (using mass collaboration for innovation)! I also like the way they visualize all the contributions. It shows the power of Twitter. It also shows contributors they're not alone: lots of people agree with you and we can shape the future together or at least try to influence it. Shouldn't every product have such a site, with a tweet fetcher? Oh, and my contribution can be found here . --- If You Read This and Like It, Tweet This to your Followers: Collecting Ideas Mass-Collaboration Style Tags van Technorati: innovation , masscollaboration , crowdsourcing

Weebiz: Opening Up Business Networks and Innovation?

ReadWriteWeb pointed to a very interesting new tool on the web: Weebiz, social networking for companies . Weebiz wants to be a network of companies, not people. This is fascinating. As a company it can be very insightful to have an overview of your company network. Who are your suppliers, your partners, etc.? When you have your company network it is very interesting to see how this relates to company networks in other industries, of your competitors, etc. But I'm wondering: Isn't a company network confidential information? Of course everyone can map a company's network to some extent. But not in great detail. And lots of companies would like to keep it that way, I think. Or am I wrong? I could be wrong if the trend to open up your business, apply open innovation and use mass-collaboration (such as with Innocentive ), will truly be the business model of the future, as BusinessWeek recently reported again (- and I believe it will be). Then joining something like Weebiz

Social Media and PLM: Not Much Love?

Currently I'm in a big project to improve the way we organize product development and manage product and project information. In short, this can be called 'Product Lifecyle Management' (PLM). I haven't been following too many experts in this area. So, I've been looking around and started following some of them. The interesting thing is though: not many people in this area are twittering and blogging... I've run into this before: although blogging and twittering can be used by all disciplines, in some areas it just seems to fit better. But anyway, I did run into a person who I find has very interesting thoughts about PLM. It's Oleg Shilovitsky. His blog is 'Daily PLM Think Tank Blog' and he tweets as @olegshilovitsky . Although I can hardly keep up with his posts ;-) I like the way he approaches this area. He's not your regular 'put-everything-in-SAP' guy. He also thinks about relating traditional PLM systems with social media, which

Us Now about Government 2.0 and much more

Just finished watching the movie/documentary 'Us Now' . Really enjoyed it and would like to encourage you to take time to watch it too (1 hour). I thought 'Us Now' would 'only' be about government 2.0, which is interesting enough, but it's actually about the relevance of the web 2.0 movement for 'everything'. What does it mean for life in general, for organizations, and also for government? While watching I tweeted the remarks I found most interesting and wanted to remember. Hope you enjoy it too! --- If You Read This and Like It, Tweet This to your Followers: Us Now about Government 2.0 and Much more Tags van Technorati: social media , web 2.0 , government , business , innovation

Welcome Joas!

Well, I should also blog about my newborn son. I tweeted about the big news before, blogging would come later. Does this show blogging is becoming secondary to microblogging...? ;-) On June 2 we were blessed with a second son. His name is Johannes Arie Driessen. Joas is a healthy little boy. He weighed 3780 grams at birth. All is now well with my wife Mirjam too. Mirjam and Joas came home last Thursday. I inserted a picture of Nathan (my first son) holding Joas with grandpa Driessen. Enjoy! --- If You Read This and Like It, Tweet This to your Followers: Welcome Joas!