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Blog Action Day 2010

Do you blog? If so, I hope you too will be blogging on Blog Action Day 2010 . It's for a good cause. This year's focus in: Water. Blog Action Day 2010: Water from Blog Action Day on Vimeo .

Relating structured and unstructured knowledge processes - KMers chat #kmers

Just a small post to invite you all to join the next KMers Chat on this Tuesday, October 5 from 17:00 - 18:00 UTC. I'll be moderating this chat. Participating is easy. All you need is a Twitter account. Just wait for the chat to begin and make sure to append your tweets with #kmers . Lots of interesting and smart people join in . This chat will be about: Relating structured and unstructured knowledge processes . Here's a short overview of this topic and some questions: Knowledge Management is currently often related to the unstructured information and knowledge processes in organizations. In the past the focus of KM was on the structured side. But how can/are these combined in organizations? More specifically: how does enterprise 2.0 relate to BPM? (As you may know this is being heavily debated now on the web.) Questions: Intro: Is the summary clear? Is the distinction clear? What do you call unstructured information/knowledge processes and structured pro

New Perspectives

You may have already read my tweet , but it's official: I'm leaving Océ to go work for Entopic . This will be effective from the 1st of December. My work will be similar to my current job. I'll be senior consultant. Focusing on consultancy and product/services development in the information and communication process space. Inter- and intranet strategy and implementation, social media strategy, personal and corporate social media adoption, the organization the Intranet conference . Etc. Really excited about this step! I will continue blogging my insights, questions and experiences here.

Presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt

Just to let you know: I will be giving a talk at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt am Main in October. Please find the full schedule here. My talk will be about our microblogging experiences and my vision on how the information and communications processes supported by microblogging relate to more formal business processes . Hope to see you there!

Welcoming a New Blog on Communications

I love pointing to new good blogs! Regularly friends and colleagues start a new blog. My friend and colleagues Jan van Veen just made the leap. He started his blog called 'Corporate Internal Communications' . Jan is an expert in (internal) Communications. He's also very interested in what the Internet, especially social media, is doing to Communications inside and outside companies. Jan and I have been collaborating heavily in this area. I hope you all go over to his blog and subscribe to it. Leave a comment to welcome him to the blogosphere! His first post is about the end of the intranet . His second is about how simple publishing on the web has gotten . Good to have you in this space, Jan. Go for it!

Knowledge Sharing and Incentives

It struck me when I was watching TV. In Holland we have a program called 'Opsporing Verzocht' (English: We're looking for something/someone'). It's a program to solve unsolved crimes. Basically it's crowdsourcing. The TV hosts and the police tell the people watching the 'show' about a crime and hope someone will have the golden tip to solve the crime. I'm sure you know the concept. Every now and then, when a case is hard to solve the police offer a smaller or larger reward. Hoping this reward will encourage a reluctant (or scared) watcher to share tips about this case possibly  leading to its solution. That struck me. They are offering financial rewards to share information. To my knowledge offering financial incentives to encourage knowledge sharing is advised against by the knowledge management experts. It basically leads to worse sharing and its the wrong way to encourage sharing. Relate to Nick Milton's post on this topic for instance.