Relating structured and unstructured knowledge processes - KMers chat #kmers

Just a small post to invite you all to join the next KMers Chat on this Tuesday, October 5 from 17:00 - 18:00 UTC. I'll be moderating this chat. Participating is easy. All you need is a Twitter account. Just wait for the chat to begin and make sure to append your tweets with #kmers. Lots of interesting and smart people join in.

This chat will be about: Relating structured and unstructured knowledge processes.

Here's a short overview of this topic and some questions:

Knowledge Management is currently often related to the unstructured information and knowledge processes in organizations. In the past the focus of KM was on the structured side. But how can/are these combined in organizations? More specifically: how does enterprise 2.0 relate to BPM? (As you may know this is being heavily debated now on the web.)


  1. Intro: Is the summary clear? Is the distinction clear? What do you call unstructured information/knowledge processes and structured processes?
  2. Do you agree KM currently mostly focuses on unstructured processes? Why is this?
  3. Are both types of processes supported holistically/in context in your company or companies you know?
  4. What does this mean for tools? Should tools support both processes? Or should we piece together a tool landscape?

Hope to meet you there!

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