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Creating Cultural Change, But How?

Really nice talk about how to create cultural change. The answer is not by mocking, groaning, etc. But... with humor with social cover by changing perception Or: try something new create a group identity welcome newcomers be relentless be relentlessly happy Enjoy!

A Slack Day

Some time ago prof. Andrew McAfee had an interesting post about what's most important for the success with Enterprise 2.0 . One of the things he mentioned was: Slack exists in the workweek Slack... This term has been buzzing in my head for some time. For one because of the fact that there hasn't been much slack in my agenda the last couple of weeks... But also because many people say they are "really busy" and "don't have time for social media". I organize slack. I work from home regularly if I really want to concentrate on something, like reading and writing (a blog post). Even though I work hard from home I experience it as slack. And when I'm at work I almost always make sure I have one or two hours to read feeds and reflect on them (possibly leading to a blog post, tweet, etc.). A couple of weeks ago we had a cleaning day at the office. We organized slack for a specific reason. I love these days. Everyone is in a different mode, we're a

Global Intranet Survey 2010

Just wanted to make some noise for the Global Intranet Survey 2010 . The survey is set up yearly by intranet expert Jane McConnell . We have participated in this survey for a couple of years and hope to do so this year as well. It's a great way to way to evaluate your intranet by filling in the survey and learning from the overall survey results. I hope you'll decide to share your intranet experiences and fill out the survey this year!

Secretaries: Communication and Information Hubs

Recently I had the chance to give a workshop to 50 secretaries. Their question was: Could you tell us more about the newest collaboration tooling, specifically social media? Of course!, I said. So we split the group in two and off we went! With the workshop I hoped we could abstract from daily secretary work and look at their information and communication processes. Secondly we would relate that to their current toolset and see if new collaboration and social media tooling could improve the way they communicate and handle information. Boy, did these ladies catch on! First, I was really curious if we they would want to and be able to abstract from their work processes. Well, they did. They handles loads of different types of information. And mostly the tool they use to manage this information is... email. It wasn't hard for them to come of with the pro's and con's of this combination either. Secretaries don't work for themselves, they work for a manager and one or m

Social Media Monitoring at Gatorade

Really nice video showing how Gatorade uses and monitors social media. I like this video. It basically says: Hey, we take our customers very,  very seriously. We are listening, we are learning, we are engaging with everyone who thinks it's important enough to say something about our brand and products. What do you think about this video? What does it say to you?