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New book: Collaborating in the social era by @oscarberg - a review

There are quite a few books about ‘collaboration’. Recently one was added to the list: ‘Collaborating in the social era’ . I had the pleasure to read Oscar Berg ’s new book twice. Once in ePub format and then in paper. And I must say I enjoyed reading the book and highly recommend you read it too. Reason to read the book The first reason I enjoyed it is because I’ve been following Oscar’s writing ( blogging ) for years now. It’s great to see his writing has been collected, structured and extended into this book. Intranatverk did a great job publishing it. The second reason is the fact that many books you read about collaboration are theoretical. They give us general and more strategic things to think about. And these kinds of books have their own right. I enjoy them as well. On the other hand, after finishing those books, I can feel lost. What steps can or should I take? Oscar’s book is not about that. For one, it’s clear that Oscar is not only a consultant, but has done

Notes day 3 IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015 #iec15

As I did yesterday , I'm sharing my (rough) notes with you all. Please find them below. Others are live-blogging the conference. Please follow them as well. I pointed to their blogs yesterday. Dave Snowden , The organization as a loosely coupled network About systems, cognition and the patterns of those. Three functional types of systems: Ordered: Order is cool, but after success we get seduced by it. Chaotic: no boundaries or structure Complex adaptive system (co-evolution): We’re moving away from content to linkages that are defined by people. These systems work in very different ways. Illustrates this with the ‘7/8 year old children party’ . Refers to the Cynefin framework , a sense-making framework. Some remarks Dave made related to the framework: If you’ve done two interviews you already have a hypothesis that is hard to give up. Complexity requires more management than in the ordered domain, but the management is different. It’s about creating sa

Notes from day 2 IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2015 #iec15

I'm attending the 2015-edition of the IntraTeam Event in Copenhagen . It the 10th time it has been organized and it's my first time at the event. I'm writing along with the talks that I attended and will share my rough notes with you below. These are the notes from day 2 (- Day 1 was the workshop day. As I had to give a workshop I don't have any notes on Day 1. The slides for my/our workshop can be found here ). James Robertson , How design thinking is transforming Intranets could do more with design. There are several tools to design intranets like: Cardsorting Tree testing (for instance by using  Treejack ) Wireframing Usability testing James stresses that we should designing intranets that engage. Intranet should not only be useful (as he thought in the past), but also be beautiful. Employees look at it every day. It should delight employees. He shows several examples of intranets that do this: Accolade Calgary Board of Education (based on Sharepoi