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Workshop on Social Media with Students

We had an exciting afternoon yesterday at Océ . A workshop was organized with students of the 'Christelijke Hogeschool Ede' (Christian College in Ede, NL). Jan van Veen and I defined 5 assignments about social media for the Communication students to work on. These were our assignments: Group 1 If we see a very negative rumor about one of our products in blogs, forums and websites, how and in which media should we react? Group 2 How do we organize consistency in our online (also social media) presence: who should be responsible? Group 3 If we want to reach YOU students for jobs and internships, which media should we use and how should our tone of voice be? Group 4 If we want to start a viral campaign to create buzz for a product, what would be the creative concept? (tone of voice, media, ways to distribute) Group 5 How should we use Twitter to sell our products? The students jumped into them and came up with some very good ideas. What really struck m

Where's Information Headed?

Thomas Baekdal has a very interesting post titled "Where is everybody?" His post comes along with a really nice visualization to prove his point (refer to his blog post and the picture I added into this post). It would be interesting to extend this post and visualization with other kinds of information. For instance, office documents, flyers, etc. Baekdal also leaves out books. Books would come in between 'local marketplace' and 'newspapers', I think. And office documents (like Word docs) came around 1990-1995? I remember typing my first report in WordPerfect around 1993. At that time you were still allowed to write your report in handwriting. Wow, time flies! --- If You Read This and Like It, Tweet This to your Followers: Where's Information Headed? Tags van Technorati: information , information management , information architecture

Loving FriendFeed

Some time ago I started using FriendFeed. I'd heard about it on the internet. I thought I'd try it when I had time. So I went over to get an account and see what it was like for real. The idea of Friendfeed is compelling: integrate all your internet streams into one stream. Friendfeed helps you read all your and your friends social media updates in one spot. That's exactly what I need. Before Friendfeed, I would check different sites I use, such as Twitter (or actually Tweetdeck), Slideshare, Diigo and Youtube. After setting up my account I had a hard time starting to use FF. One of the big issues for me was: who is on FF and who is on Twitter? And how do I import all my Twitter friends to FF, without duplicating? This basically is too difficult for most users, I think. I used the 'Twitter2FF' tool , which helps. I ended up writing down lists on paper to make sure I didn't duplicate and really have all my Twitter friend in FF. Furthermore some Twitter friends