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New Collabortion 2.0 Blog

Well if you're interested in 'collaboration' and 'new collaboration' (aka 'colloboration 2.0'), here's a new ZDNet blog to follow! Thanks innovationcreators for the pointer!

Is Filtering the Next Step for Social Media?

As you know I'm a big fan of the ReadWriteWeb blog . They have a wonderful writers panel and cram out insightful posts regularly. Not too long ago a post was written about the next step in social media. It is titled: 'Why Filtering is the Next Step for Social Media' . The beginning of the post was hard to follow, to be honest. But I like the line of thought and agree with the last section: Filters are rapidly becoming a pertinent issue for developers of social media services. As a result, social aggregation platforms are in the perfect position to lead the pack. While this is no easy task and one that cannot be solved in its entirety, it would help resolve another issue social media users are facing: courtesy. Instead of being able to freely add whatever service you wish, some users like myself are taking into account what others may consider noise on certain services as a courtesy to members. In essence, you are becoming our own filter. You may refrain from important ot

Intranet Questions

Column Two has an interesting list of questions about intranet . Not all questions are clear. What does this question mean, for instance? "Working more effectively with business units re content?". Hopefully these questions will be elaborated on more soon (and maybe even answered?). However I think it's pretty good. This is the list of questions I/we use to talk about our and get information about other's intranet. General Global overview of intranet: what does it look like? Vision on the future of the intranet (e.g. personalization, wikify intranet, will intranet become your extranet?) Vision on security: which information is open to all/not open to all? Goverance and technology Search (which technology, any finetuning?) Relation global and local intranets Performance indicators of the intranet: do you have them/use them? What is the most used content and application? Governance of the intranet (local and global), ownership Platform/Underlying technology, archi

Stop using work email (2)

Back from vacation (that's why blogging has been slow, although I've been using automatic posting - works wonderfully!) and still the first to comment on this interesting post about a.o. Luis' venture to stop using email ... After another week of about 30 mails Luis remarks that lots of these emails are related to scheduling. He writes: Yes, indeed, I am talking about e-mails that are related to scheduling, setting up and participating in conference events, customer meetings / workshops, specially when it is to show my own experiences on this new reality itself. I am thinking that if I would be able to find a way to reduce those I would be getting my number of incoming e-mails down to 15 to 20 a week. If not less! Yes! As massive as that!!! This triggered me. This implies (logically) that his list of email per week should also include information about the time he has to spend on an email. If you get 30 mails you can delete after just accepting the meeting request for insta

Is Life Speeding Up or Slowing Down?

Will life slow down in the future or will it continue to speed up? Interesting post on the ever-increasing speed of life by Alex Iskold on ReadWriteWeb . It titled: "Faster - Why Constant Stress is Part of Our Future" .


Wow, did you see this ? Go the site and type in a query! This is a site to demo MS's Silverlight technology . This is a interesting application for information management and literature research.

Reading Less, Skimming More

Some time ago I pointed to an interesting ReadWriteWeb article about trends in reading . Now there's an even more intriguing piece on reading behavior. We're reading less and skimming more ! Again, I'm really curious what its implications are for reading/skimming in the enterprise.

Your Organization: a Museum or a Zoo?

This is just one of those examples why I love blogging and the blogosphere. I've been following Luis Suarez's blog for some time now. And then he points to the Headshift blog on which Oliver Amprimo writes wonderful stuff. Luis pointed to one post in particular I really liked: "The Museum and the Zoo" . What an amazing post! You should read it all. But here are some highlights of the parts/statements are liked most and totally agree with. Hopefully this will trigger you to read the entire post. The consequence [of current business education and specialization] is that people master the " what ", sometimes the " how " but hardly the " why ". They don't capture the reason why these processes are put in place, how they relate to corporate strategy and how the organisation relates to its environment. The result is straightforward: in organisations, people focus on their own limited sphere of responsibility. (...) Another consequence

PR Squared: Social Media Release Template, version 1.5

Pointed to the older version of the Social Media Press Release before . Just recently an update was released . Free for all to download and use.

Google Translate Update

Google Translate Becomes the Best Free Online Translator . Cool and very useful! Man, we did lots of research on automatic translation in the past. Also using parallel texts/web pages. But we never had enough to get it good. Google does, of course. I also like the social part of Translate: you may suggest a better translation if you like.

Stop using work email

Every now and then I pointed you to Luis Suarez's very interesting experiment to stop using work e-mail. He's in his 12th week now and things are looking good! He and Jon Mell got together to discuss this experiment and its consequences. This resulted in an interesting podcast. You can find it on Luis' or Jon's blog . There's also another podcast series on Luis' experiment here . These podcasts nicely give an overview of the stop-using-email test (if you haven't kept up with it) and ponders on its potential.

The four purposes of an Intranet

James Robertson ( Step Two Designs) has an interesting post on "the four purposes of an Intranet" on his Column Two blog . After doing years of research on Intranet he's come up with these four: Content Communication Collaboration Activity He discusses each of these in his presentation (with audio). Furthermore he also explains what most Intranets are about and what most Intranet are (wrongly) not focusing enough on. I think these four purposes are well chosen. However, without wanting to be picky, I think 'content' in itself is not a purpose. Shouldn't it be something like: 'sharing content centrally'? I would call 'Content' an essential building block, but not a goal. The same goes for 'collaboration'. I wouldn't call this a 'purpose'. For me the purpose of an intranet would be 'to encourage and support collaboration'. If my slight changes to these purposes are correct, then 'activity' is something inh