Stop using work email (2)

Back from vacation (that's why blogging has been slow, although I've been using automatic posting - works wonderfully!) and still the first to comment on this interesting post about a.o. Luis' venture to stop using email...
After another week of about 30 mails Luis remarks that lots of these emails are related to scheduling. He writes:
Yes, indeed, I am talking about e-mails that are related to scheduling, setting up and participating in conference events, customer meetings / workshops, specially when it is to show my own experiences on this new reality itself. I am thinking that if I would be able to find a way to reduce those I would be getting my number of incoming e-mails down to 15 to 20 a week. If not less! Yes! As massive as that!!!
This triggered me. This implies (logically) that his list of email per week should also include information about the time he has to spend on an email. If you get 30 mails you can delete after just accepting the meeting request for instance. This is totally different from 30 emails to which you have to reply by typing in several lines of text. Nobody thinks 30 of the first kind are a real problem. It would therefore be insightful if Luis could provide this info in his next overview(s).


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