Horrible Blogging Year

Oh how I love blogging, but what a horrible blogging year I’ve had… Just 24 posts in 2013… What happened?

Well, I’m happy to say I’ve been very busy. I think 2013 was my busiest year ever. My personal life has been busy. Little David was born in August and my two others boys are growing bigger of course. Furthermore we have plans to move to the middle of Holland, sold are house and are looking for a new one.

A lot of time and energy went into my new role at the company I work for, Entopic. It was my first (complete) year as ‘manager Projects’, responsible for the people in Projects, ‘acquisition’ of new assignments and actually working on them. I really enjoyed the previous year, but found it left little time for reflection and slack.

On the other hand I learned a lot for the work I did for clients. You should see the draft section of my blog: many one or two line draft posts about topics I’d like to share my perspective on. Topics like: intranet strategy, intranet design, adoption and change, books I’ve read, etc.

I must say I enjoyed reading other blogs. I’m happy to see people like Euan Semple, Luis Suarez, Ana Silva, Martin Risgard, John Stepper, Intranetizen peeps, (my colleague) Joep van Loon, Jane McConnell and Oscar Berg (to name a few) keeping up their blogging (although I know some of them are struggling as well…). They inspire me to not quit on blogging. And I must say the posts by Euan (Why blogging still matter), Thomas Vander Wal, John Stepper (about Working Out Loud) and Dave Winer (Blogging Matters) triggered me to pick up frequent blogging in 2014 and keep on ‘working out loud’.

What I want to do this year is commit to 4 posts per month. This is post number 1!

Hope to meet you all here or in real-life. Have a nice weekend!

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