Hope to meet you at our Intranet conference #intra14

As you may know I work for Entopic. We organize several conferences about topics such as intranet, content marketing, Facebook marketing and SharePoint. I’m happy to say these conference are attended by a large number of people and are well received.

Recently we published the first version of the program for our next Intranet conference on March 17 and 18. The structure of the conference will be the same as previous editions: 4 keynote by experts in the fields and 3 breakout rounds with talks from practitioners.

The main topic of this year’s conference is the digital workplace and the future of work and the organization. I feel privileged to say the following speakers have agreed to speak at the conference: Paul Miller, Sam Marshall, Ross Dawson and Lee Bryant!

With respect to the breakouts we have several large and smaller organizations from different areas of business that will share the intranet experience. Some will talk about intranet strategy, others about design and project management, etc. It’s going to be a mix of more traditional intranet topics and more cutting edge ones.

The conference is held in The Netherlands. So the main audience will be Dutch of course. But I’m writing this post in English to invite non-Dutch readers of my blog to this conference as well. All keynotes and several breakouts will be in English. And over the years we see a more international audience attending our conference(s).

So, my colleagues and I hope to meet you all in Holland at our conference. If you have any questions about the conference, please let me know!

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