The IT Flower continued

Cool, Rod responded to my post on the IT Flower. Thanks for your comment on my blog post and for this post, Rod!

I gave the IT Flower some more thought.
I was wondering if Rod was going to elaborate on "structured process + knowledge work" (page 26 of the IT Flower whitepaper)? Are there tools that fit this cluster? Or is there a combination of tools that fit it? The closest that comes to my mind would be something like
MOSS 2007 (with workflow tooling). But that's not a too exciting answer, is it?

And I was wondering if "IT" Flower is the correct name for Rod's framework. Isn't it more a work(place) framework on which you can map IT tools/markets?

In this sense, this framework really reminds me of work colleagues of mine did in the past on how knowledge workers handle documents. It was written by Ruud Janssen and Olha Bondarenko and is titled "Documents at Hand: Learning from paper to improve digital technologies". Rod, I think this paper is interesting for you, because it looks deaply into document handling and what this implies for document handling tooling, such as document management systems, collaboration tooling, etc.


  1. I have just skimmed through the paper... and plan to read it in more detail this weekend. Thank you. It looks like an incredible reference.


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