Insights about Sharepoint (and Intranet)

There's been lots of buzz on Sharepoint and the use of Sharepoint as an intranet. Slowly the pros and cons of Sharepoint are being published.

A much-stated remarks is that MOSS should not be used for large enterprises. Not much detail is given by those who say that. Maybe they could give us some more insight in this topic? In my experience many large companies are implementing MOSS and doing that pretty successfully.

Furthermore good architecture and governance is stressed. As well as addressing records management. W.r.t. RM I found it very insightful that the RM team blogged on RM in Sharepoint for some time to address question and discuss with customers what they needed. A recent Gartner report showed however that Sharepoint only supports some of the compliance standards.

Thanks Intranet Blog and tfpl blog for the insightful posts.


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