Blogging Internally and Externally from One Platform

For some time know I've been looking around for a blog platform with which you can post internal and external posts. (I wrote about it here and here.) I'd like to be able to write a post and decide to post it internally and/or externally from one platform. (There's a caveat though, when you have an external blog post, which you would like to extend for internal use.)

Well, it looks like this has become possible with the new version of SocialText (3.0). I haven't tried it yet, but Robert Scoble's interview with Ross Mayfield (with demo of '3.0') seems to point in that direction. Am I correct?

What I also really liked about the new SocialText was the online/offline feature! Great thinking and essential stuff for the mobile workforce.

It also integrates with Sharepoint, SalesForce, etc.

For me, SocialText is a true inspiration for current (usually cloggy) corporate Intranet's and maybe the foundation of the intranet of the future.


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