Stopped Publishing My Bookmarks

As you know and can see: I have my new bookmarks published to my blog every now and then. I started doing this because I see others doing this too. I found it quite useful. For me, it feels like others are reading and recommending posts that I am not following and reading. Hopefully I could do the same for them. It's some form of social search.

And I do see that friends following my blog copy posts from my 'recommended bookmarks' and share them with their readers.

However, I'm stopping anyway. I find the amount of 'recommended bookmark' posts is cluttering my own (non-automated) posts. And you can follow my favorite bookmarks (with or without comments) on Diigo and delicious anyway.

If you think this is wrong, please let me know. If you happy with this move, let me know too!


  1. Samuel -

    I'm one of your readers who actually checked out your bookmarks on your blog, but I'd be unlikely to hunt them down using another application. For me, having everything delivered via my RSS reader or Twitter is key. The other stuff will just have to wait...

    - Mary

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mary! For my readers: we continued this discussion on Twitter. I decided to see if publishing my bookmarks to Twitter is better. It's working now! Of course you can still see my bookmarks in Delicious and Diigo.


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