Back to blogging...

Oof, I've been quiet for too long. Or have you been enjoying it? ;-)

I don't know what happened, but I simply couldn't get myself to post regularly the last couple of weeks. I have been twittering though. Maybe this does imply conversation are shifting from blogs to Twitter?!

My silence definitely doesn't say nothing is going on. I saved loads of interesting posts I would love to read, comments on and post about. Hope I find time for that.

What have I been up to lately?

1. I'm still working on a future information architecture. This architecture should provide a sustainable, flexible way to support structured and unstructured information processes in our organization. Leading to more effective and efficient business processes. I find that an interesting and tricky job. In technical organizations the structured information processes are supported by heavy tools (PLM and ERP tooling). Lots of focus is on these processes (usually not an integrated focus, though). All other information is just there. Not managed well, teams and projects have their own ways to share this kind of information, etc. This is strange because the unstructured information usually contains the requirements, decision, or, in short, the context, to understand what's managed in the structured information tools.

2. I've been working hard to get our organization to understand the power of internet, and more specifically the social web. This resulted in the approval of social media guidelines. This makes me really happy. Let's see if this triggers our employees to actively use social media inside and outside the organization.

3. The future of our intranet. Is the way we set up and manage our intranet sustainable and does it relate well enough to the daily work of our employees. I see that in hard, economic times the intranet seems not to be 'critical' enough to keep on developing. Should we look for alternative, parallel way to set up a 'live' intranet, based on wiki for instance?

4. I've also been working on a proposal to improve the way we innovate using wiki (concepts). A more social, open, transparent, crowdsourced way of innovating. I hope to write more on this topic soon.

5. Finally, not to mention more, I've been looking into sharing information with externals via Sharepoint. We wrote a proposal on this topic and did a reference visit. Sharepoint really seems to support external collaboration in a secure way.

It may seem I'm doing this all alone. This is not the case. All topics mentioned above are done in close collaboration with several smart colleagues of mine. I'm glad they're there!


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