Presentation #kmnl by Rienke Schutte

Title of presentation: Wikipolicy: institutional policy & social software by Rienke Schutte, Hogeschool Zuyd, Knowledge community Knowledge Organizations and Knowledge Management. Related article about the Wikipolicy.
In 2008, the 'Hogeschool' (English: college) initiated a project entitled “Policy Workshop 2013”. The result of this project would be a policy framework for their organization. The new policy should bring together insights, opinions and wishes of students, staff and stakeholders. A wiki was one of the instruments to achieve that goal.
Objectives of the project:
  • powerful, stakeholder oriented vision strategic direction
  • shift towards a co-creative organization
Plan of action (in 2008):
  • wiki with 4 main topics (platform: Wikispaces)
  • conferences for managers, teams, external experts (educational/non-educational)
  • work meetings
  • flyers
  • weekly blog members of the board
  • CafĂ© 2020 (SURF - foundation scenario's)
  • formal conclusions by management
Evaluation of the project:
  • enthusiastic discussion in work- and staff meetings
  • lots of corridor chat
  • representative Advisory Body were involved
  • limited participation students and external stakeholders in the wiki
Limited active participation in the wiki was due to:
  • involvement with the topic (what's in it for me?)
  • unstructured nature of the process and open medium
  • initial text not seen as an incentive
  • pressure of work
Conclusions of the project:
  • main issues strategic direction taken for granted
  • commitment of the Board insufficient to raise participation
  • future: implementation of horizontal dialogue (Organization 2.0) on limited amount of subjects and related to the concrete work of stakeholders
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