Business challenges in migrating a large intranet to an employee portal at Nestle #epem

Helen McCarthy, eCommunications Manager at Nestle.

Nestle is a huge organization. 280000 employees at Nestle (100000 in factory), 449 factories, operations in 83 countries.
Nestle runs their old portal on SAP. Of course they also have email, fileshares, etc.
What they needed was collaboration, up-to-date content, reduced information overload, transactions/workflows, global vs local communications, ability to target, confidentiality/security.
They set up a new portal based on SAP. One landing page, showing relevant information to the employee. But the employee couldn’t decide if he/she wanted something else targeted to him/her. The targeting was too restrictive. The technology was as well.
So, they had a Kit-Kat break! ;-)
They now want to model their intranet around their internet site. Their internet works and won awards. It was built on Sharepoint and so the intranet will be as well. They're aiming for the iPad as the standard of usability. Nestle's intranet will have the employee in the center. Though some targeting will still be there, to get management messages through.
From the audience there was a word of warning about making the internet and intranet look-and-feel the same: it can seriously confuse employees.

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