Interview Marc Benioff and Eric Schmidt at Dreamforce 2011

Recently took the time to watch some Dreamforce 2011 talks. There's lots to learn from them. I particularly enjoyed Marc Benioff's interview/talk with Eric Schmidt. I liked the way they stepped back and looked at the history and future of the technology industry in general, and the internet especially.
Just to list some of the questions they talked about:
  • what the future of the manufacturing industry (in the US and Europe) will be?
  • Why is it hard for existing players to move to new technology standards?
  • What should an existing company do when technology shifts?
  • Where is 'cloud' and 'social' going?
  • What is the potential of the internet for business and government? Is this only for large companies or more so for small companies?
In short the future according to Schmidt is: mobile, local and social. And here's the whole talk for you. Hope you enjoy it!


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