Food #BAD11

Food is not something I blog about. But I'd like to make an exception for Blog Action Day. BAD11 is today! This year's topic is 'food'. I've joined BAD for a couple of years now. It's a neat way to focus some of our time and attention on a bigger cause.

Food, there's lots to say about food. As a person who has always had (more than enough) food, I feel privileged and thankful. There are lots and lots of people in a totally different situation. Just think of what is happening now in Africa. And we know there are many more places in the world where people have little to nothing to eat.

What can we do about that? For one, blog. The whole idea of Blog Action Day is to have many bloggers write about the same topic. Hopefully this will shift the world a bit in the right direction. The right direction being: a more fair spread of food over the world.

On the hand I often feel helpless. Helpless about the fact that we know there are people dying of hunger in Africa, but the news easily shift to our economic troubles. We're not hearing a lot about Africa lately... And I also feel helpless because the people that we see on TV are usually not the reason for their problem. The problems is often politically related. Some even say: We should stop sending those people money and food, because we only feed the underlying problems.
I don't agree. I do think we should help the people we see on TV. But I would also love to see a structural solution to this problem. If that is possible in our live time.

In any way, I hope this post, together with all the other posts will make a difference.

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