Looking Forward - 5 Years of Blogging

My first post this year is to celebrate my blog's birthday! Wow, 5 years ago I started to blog. And although blogging (who said it would be...?!) hasn't always been easy I still enjoy it.

I started blogging to have a way to think out loud. To write my thoughts and ideas down and connect with other writing elsewhere in the blogosphere or on the Net. My main goal was to speed up my learning by not only reading interesting books, articles and posts, but also by publishing my thoughts, questions, doubts and learnings based on my reading. And I must say it really helped.

It definitely also helped to become more connected and visible in the communities that I'm interesting in. Social media in general, and social networking especially. But also: communities, social business, enterprise 2.0, knowledge management, intranet and content management.

One thing I'm wondering about is if a blog truly is a conversation platform. I know there are blogs that show it is. But my blog could use some more interaction and conversation (comments). (Although I get comments regularly, directly on the blog or in other social media.) I'm wondering how to move in that direction. Does it have to do with the things I write about or the way I write about them? Do people mostly comment on big blogs and not small ones? This is something I'm going to work on in the coming year.

If you have any thoughts on how my blog could be better or how I could get more interaction, please leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated. As I truly appreciate the fact that so many people take the time to follow my blog and (just) read my posts. Thank you very much, you are a great inspiration to keep on blogging!

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