Reasons to come to the Intranet Conference 2013 #intra13

On March 18 and 19, 2013 the next edition of the Dutch Intranet Conference will be held. We hope to meet you there! But let me give you some idea of the program and main topic of the conference.

In the intranet space lots of discussion is about choosing the right technology and selecting and providing the right features for your organization. Also, we talk about intranet governance. What is the right governance model for my organization? How can we keep our intranet interesting and vibrant?

Soft skills
What I hardly hear is the skills intranet-related people need to do intranet right? What skills does an intranet manager or owner need? For this reason we thought we’d focus the keynotes on this topic: the skills of the intranet manager and more specifically, the knowledge worker. Because that’s what most modern intranets are for: to support knowledge workers in their daily work.

We invited 3 keynote speakers to give their view on this topic. These are:
  • Euan Semple: The internet has tremendous influence on organizations. Subsequently this also changes the way we look at intranets. Euan will share what he thinks is changing in organzations and what it means for intranets.
  • Luis Suarez: What skills does the modern intranet manager need to do his/her work? And what skills does the knowledge worker (the intranet manager’s customer) need to work in a productive way? Luis will share his vision and experiences on this topic and give practical tips to improve the way we work and subsequently improve the intranet. 
  • Steven van Bellegem: The intranet can be seen as a conversation between the business and technology. How do we make these two connect? The intranet itself can be seen as a conversation platform. How do intranet managers create interesting and relevant conversations? And why are conversations so important inside the company? Those are some of the questions Steven will address in his keynote. 
In all these talks we hope the conference participants will get practical insights for their daily work, which they can act on. We think we have chosen excellent keynote speakers from which we all can learn.

Breakouts: BYOD, mobile, gamification, and more
On the conference day there will also be 3 rounds of breakouts with 10+ topics to choose from. These breakouts won’t be focused on the soft side of intranet only. We set up a nice mix of more traditional and more modern intranet topics. Just to mention two modern topics: the Rabobank will be talking about how Bring-Your-Own-Device works in practice and what it means for intranet. And a large telecom company will be sharing how they use gamification on their intranet to increase engagement.

Pre-conference workshops
The day before the conference we have 4 pre-conference workshops about topics that are pretty hot. Mark Morrell will give a workshop about the digital workplace and Sharepoint intranets. Luis Suarez will talk about his (and your) battle against email. And Euan Semple’s workshop is about getting hands-on with social intranet.

You’re invited!
The company I work for, Entopic, has organized this conference for several years now. We’re proud to say it has become the largest intranet conference in the world. Of course most of the participants come from Holland and Belgium. But, over the years more and more participants from other countries have joined us as well. So, we’d love to welcome you all to this conference. Not only the keynotes, but also the pre-conference workshop and several breakouts will be in English.

I hope this give you some idea of what this year’s conference is about. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

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