Neglecting my blog...

Remember me? I'm the guy who used to blog regularly here, but has been silent for some time. Man, what is going on?

Happy to say I wasn't silent on Twitter and Google+... But I must say not blogging feels bad. For some time I was wondering if I was out of ideas to share. I know this is not the case. I have many draft blogposts waiting to be finalized for publication. Bu the main reason for not publishing them is time. I never put blogging in my schedule. I would just blog whenever I felt like it and had time to think and write. But my working (and private) life has changed lately. Not just in the number of projects I'm doing, but also juggling them in my head. I think that's the most important reason for not blogging. I need time and brain cycles to churn out posts. And it was not there or I didn't make sure it was there. Maybe I need to underschedule more?

Anyway, I plan to blog more regularly. I'm simply inserting time to blog in my schedule and see if that works. There are many things to blog about triggered by things I read on the web. And I've been working on lots of interesting projects and I want to share learnings from them with you. For instance, I'm helping a large, international bank with the adoption (or should I say adaptation?) to a new way of working and dito toolset. Wow, what an interesting company and project that is!

So, this is step number 1. Now for step 2.

And, as always, I look forward to hear from you.

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