Social as Enabler for Strategic Business Excellence #e20s #socbiz

The first practice panel about 'Social as Enabler for Strategic Business Excellence' by Joachim Heinz and Martial Tardy.
First Tardy of Solvay about the Solvay and Rhodia merger facilitated by means of an Enterprise Social Network. Learnings:
  • don't fear misconduct, fear a ghost town
  • reverse the communication streams
  • get in gear with a new editorial tempo
  • get on top of social technologies
Next Heinz about Bosch's social business initiatives. Bosch has 300.000 employees. Why social business at Bosch? Because of the network society and to tap into the potential of the huge number of employees. They want to develop to an agile, open and transparent business system in a highly connected environment. Steps they distinguish are ( top-down approach):
  1. guidelines and principle (e.g. only 20% closed communities, open/transparent by default)
  2. technology and processes (developed an entirely new onboarding wizard developed jointly by Bosch and IBM - helps newcomers understand why, their platform is IBM Connections; built small use cases for daily work... also relating to core business processes)
  3. leadership and enabling (reverse mentoring, community manager development program; they developed a kpi model for social business. The idea is: capability lead to a result, results depend on maturity)
  4. organization (from hierarchy to network)
Very interesting talks. If you're not hear, I recommend you to check the slidedecks!

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