Setting up the digital workplace program #intra14

Next masterclass at the Congres Intranet is by Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh about setting up the digital workplace program. Here are my notes.

What is the 'digital workplace'? It's consists of 3 connecting circles: the employee's digital home life, employee's digital working life and the organization's digital workplace.

Only 36% of organizations have a formal digital workplace program or function.

The overview of the session relates closely to the digital workplace checklist they developed. The steps that are distinguished are:
  1. strategy and approach - 70% of the organizations say they have set up a collaborative platform, only 10% succeed... Do a review of systems and roadmaps and define the as-is landscape of the current digital workplace. Interestingly someone remark: don't focus only on the digital landscape but also how people do their work offline. 
  2. stakeholders and buy-in - Interesting remark: Digital workplace seems to be resonating more with stakeholders and senior management than "intranet" and "portal". 
  3. governance framework - their research shows governance continues to be poorly addressed. Governance should be ongoing, not only for the duration of the project
  4. implementation and measurement - cross-functional teams lead to more success here, take an iterative approach, define key success criteria, make sure you help people understand and use the new way of working

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