Selling KM using stories by Shell

Wow, this is an interesting (but older) example of how to apply story telling. Shell published a book titled "Stories from the Edge: Managing Knowledge through New Ways of Working within Shell's Exploration and Production Business". Anecdote pointed to it some time ago.

It would be interesting to hear what this book led to. To new KM projects, more funding for KM initiatives, a new book with stories? Andy, please tell us more!


  1. Samuel

    We had 3 round of this work it was aimed at middle managers to convince them to allow their staff to share more - under a banner we nodays call Ask before, Learn during ,Share after.

    It worked well and certailny as we published a collection of these for external; use it has created much interest over the years, other companies have even blatantly copied us (mostly without asking or referencing us)

    It is ceratily one of the more longlating (bvenefits) and succesful change communications I have evebnr done and a lot of credit must go to The www.the whose idea this wa and ran the project completely or us.

    i can send you a hard copy if you like - let me know

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andy. Next time we meet I'd like to hear more and see the hardcopy.

  3. The guys at Rio Tinto did a similar booklet called Stories at the Coalface. It has had a tremendous impact for leaders continued support of their CoP initiatives, helped new community members get connected and see the value of being involved and shown customers and partners that Rio Tinto takes learning seriously.

  4. This is a unique example of how to leverage stories while documenting real savings. Does anyone have a copy of Shell's KM stories? The links are not working in the linked story.

  5. Broken links... Thanks for telling me, James! This is the (new) link to the book. Also refer to this post.


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