Beyond Blogs

Just the other day I went into our company library. One of the magazines I always take a look at (- even though I also am subscribed to their feeds -) is Business Week. For some reason I decided not only to look at the most current issue, but to look through some older ones to. And then... all of a sudden... I saw the front page of the June 2 issue: "Beyond Blogs"! What?! How could I have missed that? Was it due to my vacation...? Anyway, I'm happy I ran into it.

The article is an update from an article written in 2005, "Blogs Will Change Your Business". This article was corrected and commented on here. Finally the article that was published in the June 2 issue is titled "Beyond Blogs". It's a very nice article giving an overview on what has happened in 2 years with blogs and social media in general. It's a great read for people that don't understand this world or are taking their first steps in this energetic space. It is loaded with interesting facts about e.g. the number of active/non-active bloggers out there. If you haven't read it yet, please do so!


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