Get HR on the Intranet team and then what?

Ran into two interesting posts on Intranet. One is about the seemingly essential role of HR in the Intranet team. Jane McConnell of 'Globally local... Locally Global' just wrote about two companies that have HR in their team and gives insight in their Intranet approach. It looks like Intranets that are "the way of working" have HR on board.
So, now we have HR on board, what are we going to do? James Robertson of Column Two has an interesting post on how the Intranet team should spend their time.

The rule of thumb for intranet resources is:

  • 30% effort for day-to-day maintenance
  • 40% effort for projects and new initiatives
  • 30% effort managing relationships with staff and stakeholders


  1. After HR is on the team, they should be able to contribute to issues such as profiling, tagging developing into folksonomies, sharing expertise among employees, analysing search logs to see what people are looking for and what expertise might be "missing" in the organisation.
    These are just first 2 minute thoughts! HR should want to be involved in all issues concerning skills, profiles, expertise - what the organisation has today and what it will need tomorrow.

  2. Oops, my post title is a little ambiguous. I didn't mean: what should HR do, but what should the Intranet team spend its time on (the second part of my post).
    But I agree with your discription of the role of HR on the Intranet team. They make sure the Intranet has a 'people focus'.


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