Remembering a ToDo

As you may know I try to apply the "Getting Things Done" methodology to my work and private life. I have one issue, though, that I keep running in to. "Getting Things Done" says: Write down your task immediately and keep all your tasks together in one list. When at work and at home I do this and it has really helped me become more focussed and productive. However, when I'm not at work, for instance walking in the forest somewhere, these ideas and tasks pop up. I usually don't have pen and paper with me, or my PDA, when I'm walking. Because I can't write them down and get them out of my head, these ideas/tasks will bug me during my walk, because I don't want to forget them.
How do you remember those ideas/tasks? I've heard of people that carry pen and paper around with them everywhere for this reason. Some call themselves on their mobile and send themselves a voicemail. But as I said: when I'm walking in the forest I don't want to take all kinds of stuff with me. So I wondering if you have any tips?


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