Reviewing a PhD on Blogging

As I posted before here and here, Lilia Efimova is working on a PhD about blogging. Lots of her work can be found on her blog, Mathemagenic - of course... She recently asked if people wanted to review a draft version of her "dissertation chapter focused on analysing my practices of using weblog as an instrument to develop PhD ideas".

Well, I went over and reviewed it. And it was definitely worth my time. It's great to read how other blogger try to use blogs for their work. And Lilia is definitely an experienced blogger. She details and analyzes all kinds of aspects of blogging. Like using blogs for personal information management, personal productivity and writing.
What I kindof missed here - and this has to do with her focus -, is the social aspect of blogging. For me too, blogging started with me wanting to write in public and see where this goes. I love this description of blogs she gives and it fully relates to my reasons and practice:
In sum, a weblog provides me with a space to create a repository of insights that otherwise would be scattered across different spaces or not documented at all. Once this information captured and organised it becomes useful...
But after posting for some time the social aspect is really exciting too. People commenting on what you have to say, people subscribing to your blog, and joining in conversations.

I'm really looking forward to read Lilia's whole book. Good luck with the final strech, Lilia!


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