Enterprise Desktop Search

You probably all know (and use?) 'desktop search' to search through your personal pc at home and at work. I do and love the tool! Google, Microsoft and Copernic offer free tools in this area. There are also more expensive versions of desktop search for the enterprise (like Autonomy). Usually they're integrated with enterprise search.
The company I work for started rolling out Microsoft Desktop Search. I prefer Google Desktop search, but was happy to at least have something. However, after looking more closely IT found it's not very efficient to have everyone generate their own index. This gives network and storage issues. So, now IT is looking for a desktop search solution that allows us to generate a central index, also solving the network problems.

I was wondering: Has your company rolled out desktop search? How was it done? Do you use a central index? And what solution did you use? I'd really like to hear from you!


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