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BusinessWeek recently published an interesting issues dedicated to "Business@work". All kinds of work-related topics are discussed. Like: work-life balance, dealing with toxic bosses, how to go from good-to-great in the workplace, tips from experienced office workers, measuring productivity, staying creative in the workplace, working with Generation X and Y employees, etc.
I'd advise you to go and read all the articles. But to get you to do just that I'll give you some highlights from the articles:
- Jim Collins says: don't only make a todo list, but also a stop-doing-list. And define "white spaces" in your agenda to think. Keep asking questions.
- Managers (and employees) should openly write down "how I work" to help others collaborate with you. For instance, your colleagues should know how you react under pressure and why you do or don't give much feedback.
- Really nice article on "combating bureaucracy". I like step 4 most: "Make information transparent. Don't let middle management hoard it. Give everyone access in order to make better and faster decisions."
- Is their really a difference between the old and new(er) workforce? BusinessWeek say so and explains why. Interesting to read, although I'm still not convince the difference is that shocking... The funny thing is I'm formally not "Generation Y", but when I compare myself to the table, I must be it...
- An article on using Facebook in the organization by Unilever.
- Again "Getting things done" is mentioned and explained shortly. I already use this productivity method and love it. You should too!
- As you know Randy Pausch passed away some time ago. In a short article his colleagues sum up how he spent and valued his time at home and at work. For instance: "He had all sorts of practical advice for work. Stand while on the phone. (You'll be more eager to finish up.) Avoid copying five people on an e-mail when you wnat something done. (Each will assume that one of the other four is going to step up to the plate.) Minimize interruptions. (Turn off the "new e-mail" popup alert or shut down e-mail during your working hours.)
And if you haven't seen his Last Lecture, please do so. It's a very inspirational presentation/story about "time". To be honest I cried at the end of it...


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