Researching Enterprise Social Bookmarking

bookmarker A couple of months ago my student, Arzu Yucekaya Bat, started working on her Master's thesis about social bookmarking and improving our internal bookmarking tool. Her research goal is:

To establish an overview for Océ Technologies B.V on motivations and barriers of the employees to adopt and contribute to the social bookmarking tool and determine possible interventions that will augment information sharing and discovery within this tool and assist to take proper incentives to increase the adoption rate.

Some excerpts from the original assignment are:

  • Within R&D an opensource social bookmarking application is being used to collect and share bookmarks.
  • Currently the implementation of our social bookmarking application is basic. We are working wider adoption of this tool and have generated several ideas to achieve this goal.
  • conduct a short analysis of the literature on how to increase adoption of social bookmarking
  • design an appealing application of social bookmarking to increase adoption (based on the current application).

Arzu's literature research has given some interesting insights. I hope to share some next week. Arzu's research will be published in a couple of months (when she finishes). You can follow her progress and engage with her via her tweets.

If you know of research that has been or is being done on this topic, please leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

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