Vacation First

I was planning to write two more posts today and this evening, but I decided they can wait. I really wanted to write about two things that I'm really hyped up about:

  1. Andrew McAfee's book Enterprise 2.0. Great read, great book. Really good overview of the Enterprise 2.0 landscape for people that are new to this interesting field and even for the experienced early adopters. I'll share my review in September.
  2. Lots of debate has popped up quite recently about Enterprise 2.0 and business processes. I was working on a post, based on all the older and newer posts that I've collected. Great stuff and very deep thinking going on there.

But 'vacation first'. I'm heading to Germany, near Trier, and hope to be there with my family. Really looking forward to it!

So, blogging and tweeting will be slow! See you later.

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