Productivity, Multitasking, and the Death of the Phone - HBR IdeaCast

One of the podcasts I listen to is the HBR Ideacast. They have lots of interesting talks with people. Sometimes these talks are related to articles published in HBR. Recently they interviewed Sherry Turkle of the much-debated book 'Alone together'. You can find the podcast here: Productivity, Multitasking, and the Death of the Phone.
It's an interesting podcast to listen to and think about. I understand the problem she is seeing and describing (although I still have to read the book). I understand she is worried about it too. But every time I read about her book and listen to what she's saying I think: Shouldn't this problem be addressed by helping young and old people understand the new web and using it in the 'right' way? For instance, help people filter the web, search the web, understand web privacy and build networks using the web. I see a huge need for this around me. And I don't see many schools (and parents) stepping up to this task.
I liked Turkle's 3 areas where more thinking and debate is needed:
  • the role that we are going to give to robots in daily life
  • about productivity in the workplace and new social tools
  • getting rid of the word 'addiction' w.r.t. computer devices
If you've listened to the podcast, let me know what you think. We'll continue the discussion on your or my blog!

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