Social Media and Fashion - Presentation for ABN Fashion Lunch

Recently I was invited to give a short presentation about social media for a network event organized by the ABN-Amro bank. I inserted the presentation below.
The participants were all related to the fashion industry in some way. I kicked off with a presentation about social media and business processes/networks. A second presentation was giving by Laurens Bushof about social commerce and their new service Shop with my friends.

I really enjoyed the discussion with the audience. It's clear this industry is looking for ways to use social media for business. What struck me though is that hardly any were successfully generating business with the social tools. Some hadn't even tried yet and were skeptical. Others had dipped their toes into social media. Others wondered how to make their first steps into this space.
These presentations always help me structure my thoughts and challenge me to bring the message in such a way that the broad audience understands the messages and can translate it to practice. One thing I keep on learning is: We have only just started to understand and (successfully) adopt social media in business.

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