The Importance of Downtime

When you´re reading this I´ll be in a plane to the USA enjoying the first day of my vacation! Talk about downtime...

Watch this great TED Talk about where work gets done.

Good stuff eh?! It relates to my experience. How often are we interrupted at work? It's the managers job to interrupt people, says Fried. And should Facebook really be closed down because it's making us unproductive at work? And with all the meetings, how much time to have to get things done? So, M&M's are the problem: managers and meetings.

I ran into this related FastCompany post 'Why doing nothing is often better than doing something' (by Richard Watson). Interesting personal experience. I was wondering, is there any scientific proof that downtime is good? And how can be make downtime a good thing instead of 'an act of laziness'?

Well, while you're at work, I'm at work too. Enjoying my downtime to be even more productive when I get back. ;-)

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