Participate in the Intranet Innovation Awards #iia

There are many ways to evaluate your intranet. For instance, by regularly polling your users. You can also look at the statistics: how often is the intranet accessed. Have you ever thought of benchmarking your intranet with the intranets of the world? When I was at Oce, we did. (My ex-colleague Jan van Veen also wrote about this experience here.) We participated in the Intranet Innovation Awards by StepTwo Designs. We didn’t win…, but participating was worth it. Just by filling out the participation form is a great learning experience in itself.

You’re evaluating the intranet before the intranet is evaluated by the expert panel of the Awards itself.

The Intranet Innovation Awards is about celebrating innovative intranets and/or segments of the intranet. So your whole intranet does not have to be special, as long as part of it is, you’ve got something to submit to these Awards. And if you win, it’s a great way to get international attention for the hard work you put into your web workplace.

You can find more on how to participate here. I hope you will hop in and submit your entry to these Awards. But be quick, May 31 is the deadline.

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