Join me at the Intranet Conference 2012 #intra12

As you know I work for Entopic. Entopic has organized a conference about intranet for several years now. It has become the largest intranet conference in the World.

We’re working hard on the 2012 conference. It will be held on March 13, 2012 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A large part of the program has been defined and we hope to finalize the program in the coming week.

This year we wanted to focus on the soft(er) side of intranet. What are the skills intranet-related people need to successfully implement and maintain a intranet and especially a social intranet. We found three keynote speakers that know all about this side of intranet:
We also have a great list of interesting breakouts this year. Ranging from Shell about knowledge management and intranet to the Local Government of Amsterdam about their paperless dossier management via iPad.

Check out our new website and the program and tell me what you think. Of course I hope to meet you there.

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