Talk about Real and Virtual Social Networks

Really interesting ITConversations talk with Valdis Krebs in the series "Interviews with Innovators". Krebs has been researching social networks for years. First and foremost real social networks, not virtual ones. He talks about how real and virtual social networks relate and what the limitations of virtual social networks are.
He says that current social network tools won't have long lives, because they don't map my real and complete social network. Social network tools based on email connections would be closer to reality, but isn't complete either.


  1. You may be interested in this book

    It is based on empirical evidence (though not very revealing on what that evidence is, so let's assume that the evidence exists and the conclusions are valid) that strengthens the business case for more real social interaction in order to strengthen the bonds that allow knowledge exchange using social media.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Didn't know of this book before. Cross & Parker also wrote an interesting book on this topic: "The hidden power of social networks".


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