Will Everything be for Free in the Future?

There's been lots of buzz (e.g. this ReadWriteWeb article) about the Wired article "Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business" by Chris Anderson. It's a wonderful article, very thought-provoking.

Here are 2 examples of parts of the article that we can chew on:
The moment a company's primary expenses become things based in silicon, free becomes not just an option but the inevitable destination.
Free shifts the economy from a focus on only that which can be quantified in dollars and cents to a more realistic accounting of all the things we truly value today.


  1. In the future will everything be free? such as all energy sources, food, etc. that means no use for cash,credit all debts wiped clean? the only debt to be paid will be a debt where everyone must work and learn to better themselves and fix our past mistakes by healing our planet.


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