Xerox Whitepaper - The “Less Paper” office

I agree with the statement made in the whitepaper that paper is becoming "a more temporary medium". I see that people still like to read from paper, comment on the paper, but after they process the comments in the digital document, they throw away the paper document.
In the whitepaper I missed why “paperless” is so hard (or what the real affordances of paper are). I appreciated the part on what Xerox is doing w.r.t. environmental issues.


  1. Xerox is also developing a process in which printed information on the document disappears within 16 hours would be an incredibly "green" and environmentaly friendly development.

    However im not sure many people would use this. Due to the fact that students use this to print out information, projects, and homework that will be needed to last alot longer than 16 hours.

    Also things such as bank statements, receipts, informational information, and ofcourse reports need to last at least a year or even more.

    I do not believe that this product would be purchased alot but would possibly be helpful for some people and the best part about it is that it is environmentally friendly.

    Great post.


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