My Intranet Conference Notes (Congres Intranet) #intra11

You may have noticed the Intranet Conference 2011 (Dutch: Congres Intranet) was held this week. Last year I was able to live-blog the conference and get the posts out right away. Now that I'm working for the company organizing the conference this wasn't possible. Tweeting during the conference wasn't a problem, but publishing blogposts was just a bit too much work. But I'll post my notes on the keynotes and breakouts in the coming days!

The posts will be about:
- the keynotes by Dion Hinchcliffe about social business and intranet, Jane McConnell about governance in the 'social' world, Tony Byrne about the future of intranet technologies and Martin White about mobile and intranet
- the two breakouts I joined by Jane McConnell and Martin White

Please refer to #intra11 for all the tweets about the conference. Lots more than last year! And check out the official Dutch blog about the Conference with summary videos, blogposts about lots of the talks and the slides of the keynotes and breakouts. Also refer to the first two Dutch posts from visitors.

I captured the tweet log here for future reading and reference (because Twitter search is still horrible...).

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