Social Marketing to Millenials by Charles Hull @charleshull #sbs2011

Charles Hull leads the company Archrival. They connect brands to youth culture. And study how young adults think, process and consume.

His talk is about millennials. Some numbers:
Gen X: 40 milion in US
Gen Y: 70 million in US

Millennial themes:
  • life tracking: millennials leverage technology to collect, categorize and diagram personal stats to better understand themselves. E.g.,
  • Middle class of fame: the 15 minutes of fame ideology has gone from an aspiration to an expectation.
  • Digidentity: Youth use their social channels to establish their identities and demonstrate their social currency.
  • Tech-eyed view: Millenials see the world through a social media lens making every moment sharable.
Just to show how different millennials are, take a look at what they answered to the following question.What would you rather give up? Give up internet or sex? 33% would rather give up sex than the internet...

The implications
What are the opportunties for marketeers?
  • lifetrack - provide fun ways to do that
  • fame - give them opportunities to be publicly recognized
  • digidentity - give them ways to share their achievements
  • techeyed - give them the tools to entertain, assist and inform
Charles wraps us his presentation by giving us insight in how they developped a successful social game around a Redbull event.

UPDATE April 6, 2011: Corrected text, added pictures and links.

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